In the 40s Mario Montaldo developed a great passion for bee-keeping and the dream of bringing Langhe’s honey around the world. His concept of bee-keeping was simple: take the honey from the hive and deliver it to the consumer without any additions. There would've been no need to alter the product if the bees were respected and could have worked quietly in an unspoiled place like the Piedmont Langhe. Unfortunately he never achieved his dream.

However, after his death, a nephew named Matteo Montaldo was born. Since he was young he heard numerous stories about his grandfather and he finally decided to achieve that goal. For this mission Matteo took with him his dear friend Aristote Kiakubuka and together they want to honor "grandfather Mario" by distinguishing honey produced according to his methods with the surname he was proud of. Montaldo Langhe is a young company but it has very ancient roots.

Follow the M is a mantra. For Matteo and Aristote it means "follow the advice of your grandfather and the bees will not disappoint you." For the rest of the people: "trust Montaldo Langhe and nourish your body of simple and rare purity."

Montaldo Langhe's products are totally handcrafted and can be bought directly from the workshop in Cissone (Italy), from our authorized retailers or from our website.



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