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From bees
to jar

Made the right way.

We are Montaldo Langhe, italian natural honey and hazelnut producers located in the famous "Langhe", subregion of Piedmont.
We start with an ethical and sustainable production, respecting time and limits of nature. Our honey is certified italian quality "Mountains Product" and made from bees to jar, in the right way.

Miele melata 250 grammi


Miele tarassaco 250 grammi


Miele acacia 250 grammi


Miele di castagno 250 grammi e composizione di bambole


Made for you.


Our products are made in the Langhe , a UNESCO heritage site, where we proudly invest time and energy.

No transformation is necessary to consume and store honey: its nature allows it to be consumed raw, without additions or heat treatments, preserving its vital nutrients and its pure flavor.



Collezione di mieli 40 grammi e rose appassite

Montaldo La Collezione.

Panorama Langhe con vigneti

Il territorio: Le Langhe.

Nocciole tonda gentile tostate  150 grammi

Nocciole Tostate.

Made in small batches.


The quantity of honey is only what each territory can give, not an extra drop can be extracted without nature allowing it.

Limited and seasonal, small production areas and inclement weather are almost insuperable limits to production. Honey, infact, is not always found: its nature makes it impossible to find outside its natural period of production and from one year to the next.
Montaldo Langhe respects these laws of nature and acts as an ambassador of these values.

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